Presenter Title of Presentation Date
Javad Ghods Model Order Reduction of Non-linear Systems December 08, 2015
Vahid Badri
Control of Nonlinear Uncertain Time-varying Delay System on Automotive Application November 17, 2015
Ehsan Ghezelbash The Sparsest Solution of Undetermined Linear Equations October 12, 2015
Masoud Bharaini Sampled-data Control of Linear and Nonlinear Systems October 05, 2015
Abolfazl Yaghmaei Contraction Analysis for Stability: with an Application in Tracking Design for Port-Hamiltonian Systems September 29, 2015
Masoud Bahraini
Underactuated and Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems May 12, 2015
Vahid Badri
Stability Analysis of Quasi-Polynomial Dynamical Systems January 12, 2015
Ehsan Ghezelbash
Opinion formation in Network January 06, 2015
Afshin Dini
Stability Analysis of Cancer Tumor November 29, 2014
Farzin Kashani A novel analytical method for estimating domain of attraction and its application in power systems transient stability analysis May 10, 2014
Amin Sarafrazi Some algebraic and geometric tools for model reduction of polynomial nonlinear systems March 17, 2014
Ehsan Ghezelbash Controllability analyses of Complex Network February 10, 2014
Ehsan Ghezelbash An Introduction to Complex Network January 4, 2014
Farzin Kashani Energy function theory and direct methods December 02, 2013
Abolfazl Yaghmaei Port-Hamiltonian Systems; A short introduction November 25, 2013
Amin Sarafrazi Differential flatness and Lie-Bäcklund equivalence September 14, 2013
Ebad Mohseni Model order reduction of nonlinear models via trajectory piecewise-linear methods September 07, 2013
Amin Sarafrazi Some aspects of nonlinear model reduction September 07, 2013
Farzin Kashani Constructing analytical energy functions for transient stability models July 15, 2013
Abolfazl Yaghmaei A concise introduction about Topology July 03, 2013
Amin Sarafrazi Some notions of system equivalence June 08, 2013
Amin Sarafrazi SOS techniques and some applications in control (Part II) June 01, 2013
Amin Sarafrazi SOS techniques and some applications in control May 18, 2013
Farzin Kashani Power Systems Transient Stability Domain Analysis-An Introduction March 11, 2013
Amin Sarafrazi model order reduction for polynomial nonlinear systems March 2, 2013