Sajad Naderi Lordejani

M. Sc. Student



M.Sc.: Electrical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, 2012-2015
B.Sc.: Electrical Engineering, Hamedan University of Tecnology, Hamedan, Iran, 2008-2012

Research Interest

Control theory:
Optimal control, Adaptive control, Finite time control, Fault tolerant control, Extremum seeking control, Nonlinear and adaptive observers, Neural Networks
Control applications:
Power converters, Adjustable speed drives, Teleoperation and robotics, Micro-Grid, Practical implementation of control systems, Electrical load forecasting


  • S. Naderi Lordejani, M. J. Yazdanpanah (2015) "Sliding Mode Pulse Width Modulation for Voltage Control of a Voltage Source Inverter," IEEE 23rd Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE), May 10-14, Tehran, Iran.
  • S. P. Ahmadi, S. Naderi Lordejani, A. Rahimi-Kian, A. M. Milasi, P. M. Vahdati (2013) " Uncertainty Based Configuration Design and Optimal Operation of a Grid-Connected MicroGrid," IEEE Smart Grid Conference, Dec. 17-18,Tehran, Iran.